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                                                      ABOUT TINA 

Tina Palmer grew up in a creative environment. Originally from Dublin Virginia. Palmer was raised watching her father while he painted and sketched. In high school, she competed in various contests, displayed in juried shows, and pursued graphic design and art history in college.

Palmer composes her paintings often focusing on landscapes and trees as her subject matter. In all of her creations, she draws upon her past for inspiration. Often painting the rural landscapes that evoke a moody feel and creating a feeling of having been there before. Most of the works are layers of paint  using acrylic paints and modeling paste on canvas to complete a textured finish.

The drama that Tina Palmer paints in her landscapes creates a 'mood' through a combination of bold color and contrast. Her canvases are overflowing with vivid colors and are confidently drawn with an abstract perspective.

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